Expensive Destinations You Might Need a Travel Loan to Visit

There are many holiday destinations around the world that are intriguing to visit one day. However, a lot of them are also too expensive that makes them out of reach for the regular traveller. Unless you’ve collected a boatload of travel points and air miles, you’ll still have to pay up for the airfare and accommodation. Then there’s also the food, transportation and activity costs to think about.


The good news for aspiring travellers is that they can borrow money from a lending agency so they can continue seeing the world. Having said that, let’s take a look at some expensive holiday destinations you might need to get a travel loan to visit.

Cancun, Mexico


Although this city can be found in a comparatively inexpensive country when it comes to travelling, Cancun is probably more expensive than the whole of Mexico combined. It is known for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a coastline that’s filled with luxury resorts.


The attractions that can be expected in this place include the Mayan ritual sites, jungles, ruins and more. With that said, people who plan to backpack their way around Mexico tend to avoid Cancun. The reason for this is because many of their establishments are built around resorts. Spending even a night here – food, accommodation, and transportation included – can dig a hole in your pockets.

London, England


Although London wasn’t able to get into the top ten expensive places to visit in recent years, it’s still a place where spending a lot can be very easy to do. This is especially true when there are accommodations that charge for $500 per night of stay. There are pubs and food houses that can give you a bit of respite, but these aren’t enough to tone down the high sales tax and costly transportation.


Accept the price of travelling in the city and you might just enjoy some lovely champagne or visit the astounding Playboy Club where you can try some of the most expensive drinks in the world.


Dubai, UAE


Dubai is another city where both expenses and opulence can reach unprecedented levels. This is where the famed Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – a supposedly seven-star hotel that’s shaped like a sail complete with revolving beds, gold plated iPads and chauffeured vehicles.


When travelling here, you can visit the man-made islands where parks, an indoor ski resort, amazing nightlife scene and deluxe shopping can be found. Even the normally less expensive places like their markets can have steep prices, especially when talking about textiles, perfumes and gold.

Oslo, Norway


Due to the high levels of wage as well as the titular disparity with the economy, Norway’s Oslo has become a city known for high prices. This usually means that the person who serves drinks here is making a nice salary – yet this also means that almost everything here is more costly than other European places.


The gas prices in the country are a bit absurd because of their taxing policies, but even something as common as a burger can be 15% more expensive than in Australia. The great news about the city is that thrifty people can still travel here following its famous biking and hiking routes.


Paris, France


A night’s accommodation in Paris has an average price of about $500 – making the City of Lights a suitable choice to add to this list. This amount doesn’t even include all other costs such as your meals, activities and shopping.


The Cost of Living Index ranked the city as one of the most expensive there is in Europe. A meal, for instance, in a nice restaurant can cost you $300 for each person. Now that’s something you’d want to plan ahead of time before visiting Paris.




Ultimately, nothing should stop you from going to the places you aspire to visit. It’s important that you organise your trips accordingly in order to avoid problems during your travels. Taking out a personal loan to travel the world can be worth it if you have a plan and can stick to it, we have listed the most expensive destinations above so that you know what to expect when visiting any of these fine holiday destinations.


Getting a travel loan from a reputable lending agency can help people who are low in funds enjoy their trips. The great thing about it is that you get to travel now and then decide to pay it later in increments that are suitable for you.

If you are thinking about travelling and want to get some advice on the best travel loan type to get give us a call and we will work with you to provide the most suitable travel loan for your situation.