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Save with a Chattel Mortgage 

Chattel mortgages are commercial finance products in which the company applying for the deal will take ownership of the vehicle or chattel at the time of purchase.

Why commercial chattel mortgages work for you:

  1. You own the car or equipment
  2. You stay in control of your own costs
  3. Potential tax claim benefits 
  4. Customised payment options

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How Does a Chattel Mortgage Work?

In a chattel mortgage, the lender is going to provide the funds to the customer in advance for them to purchase the vehicle they need. The customer gains ownership of the vehicle (chattel) upon purchase. The lender would then take a mortgage on the vehicle as loan security by registering an interest over it using the PPSR. After the loan has been repaid, this security interest will be removed and will give the customer a clear title to the said vehicle.

Here are some additional things you should know:

  • A chattel mortgage has flexible contract terms which range from 24 to 84 months (2 to 7 years)
  • A balloon or residual value may be applied to the contract which allows monthly repayments to be customised according to budget
  • Interest rates and monthly repayments are fixed
  • Vehicles obtained for business purposes may have a tax deduction on the loan
  • The GST content of the purchase price may be claimable upfront as a lump-sum
  • Depreciation and interest may be claimable and always check with your accountant as to your specific situation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits to getting a Chattel Mortgage?

Some benefits that you can get in choosing chattel mortgage include having flexibility in the repayment period of the loan, option to lower the monthly repayments and the potential to claim input tax credits and tax deductions.

Who can get a Chattel Mortgage?

Getting a chattel mortgage is ideal for traders, companies and partnerships that utilize cash methods in accounting since it lets them claim GST for the price of the vehicle.

What can I expect in terms of payments?

So long as the car is being used for business, it’s possible for you to claim a tax deduction for its loan interest charges together with the vehicle’s depreciation value. The latter will depend on the Depreciation Limit that is decided by the Australian Tax Office.

Do I have an alternative besides chattel mortgage?

You can consider getting a commercial hire purchase or a car lease if you’re a business owner planning to finance your own vehicle. For employees, getting a non-maintained novated lease or its counterpart would be suitable as both come with advantageous tax benefits.

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