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If you’re having a hard time juggling all of the payments you need to settle each month, perhaps you should consider getting help from a debt consolidation loan.

At Loans 123, we offer debt consolidation loans where you can combine multiple bills and other debt into one loan repayment.


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In its simplest form, debt is money that is owed by one person or company to another. However, things can get complicated quite fast from there. Two types of debt exist today: secured and unsecured debt.

A secured debt means that a borrower has pledged to have an asset as collateral as security for the loan. Mortgages and auto loans are some common examples of a secured debt. Failing to repay the debt based on the agreement will give the lender the right to seize the asset. This can turn out to be a repossession of a vehicle or the foreclosure of a house.

On the other hand, an unsecured debt means that it is a loan that is not backed by any asset. One common example of this is debt that is acquired through credit cards. However, this does not mean that there are no consequences if you fail to pay up.

The issuer of a credit card, for example, is going to pass on your delinquent debt to a debt collector, who will then do the follow up for the payment. Failing to pay the debt collector may end up in a lawsuit which could lead to wage garnishment. There are also some aggressive creditors that may sue people directly, without the need for a collection agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do debt management plans hurt your credit score?

If you sign up to one of our Debt Management Plans you won’t have to worry about this being pinned on you as a negative. FICO does not take into account this when calculating scores.

They’ve determined that consumers shouldn’t be penalized for trying to repay their debts with the help of a debt management plan. If in doubt contact our office and speak to one of our helpful staff about the best way forward.

How long does debt management sty on your credit report?

Debt management is not a loan it is a service to help you get back in control of your finances. If you are on a debt management plan this is more tailored to helping you work with creditors to lower fees and reduce your monthly repayments.

Do debt management programs work?

When managed correctly and with a commitment from all parties to make it work the answer is yes. The most common breakdown comes from the applicant not sticking to the agreed plan.

We don’t want you to fail.  Debt management plans are designed to help the applicant get in control of their finances and finalise all bad debt to a point where they are in control.

Can I get a loan if I am on a debt management plan?

The answer is speak to our brokers here for advice about your individual situation. We don’t want to discourage you but let us help advise you on what would be the best approach if you are on a debt management plan.

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